Cool & Cool Sanitizing Wipes are gentle, ultra-soft and have a subtle scent, leaving little bottoms smelling fresh and clean. These alcohol-free baby wipes are extra large in size and formulated with a non-sticky formula.


SANITIZING WIPES: These alcohol-free Sanitizing Baby Wipes kill germs and bacteria effectively and ensure complete protection for your baby’s delicate skin

EXTRA LARGE: Extra Large Wipes offers the advantage of cleaning your baby with a single wipe

HANDY TO USE: Baby Wipes are handy to use in all types of situations: at change times, meal times and at play times, both at home and outdoors

DIRECTIONS: Pop the lid open and peel back the label to remove the wipes, and don’t forget to reseal them after use so they don’t dry out

PREMIUM QUALITY: Formulated with natural ingredients including Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Extract and Chamomile Extract, Cool & Cool’s range of premium quality baby products will ensure natural care for your baby’s sensitive skin