Mukhalat Hand Sanitizer Gel 250ml

Enjoy the timeless fragrance of Mukhalat while simultaneously keeping your hands protected with our Cool & Cool Mukhalat Hand Sanitizer. Scented with a mixture of essential oils, the Mukhalat sanitizer has a fast and effective formula that keeps you protected from harmful bacteria and germs.


1)Mukhalat FRAGRANCE: Consisting a mixture of essential oils, the sweet and aromatic Mukhalat aroma that has been perfectly crafted to give you the feel of Arabian Luxury

2) KILLS 99% GERMS: Hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol, as recommended for effective sanitising. Contains ethanol, a superior anti viral than isopropanol

3) HEALTHY SKIN: Enriched with Vitamin E and Glycerine. Protects skin from damage, and keeps hands feeling soft, hydrated and healthy.