Disinfectant and Sanitizing Multi Purpose Spray 100ml

Disinfectant and Sanitizing Multi Purpose Spray 100ml

Cool & Cool Disinfectant and Sanitizing Multi Purpose Spray comes with an anti-bacterial ethyl alcohol protection to help get rid of germs.

This versatile spray can be used at home, office, schools, hospitals and for all kinds of transport vehicles killing 99% germs. The Multi Purpose Spray can also be used on all kinds of hard and soft surfaces including tables, doors, sofas, curtains and carpets leaving behind a crisp and pleasant smell.


70% ALCOHOL: Disinfectant + Sanitizing spray comes with 70% Ethyl Alcohol that kills 99% of bacteria and viruses to ensure complete protection while leaving a pleasant smell.

MULTI-PURPOSE SPRAY: Multi-purpose disinfectant + Sanitizing spray remove all kinds of remove germs, bacteria, kitchen grease.

COMPACT DESIGN: Cool & Cool Disinfectant + Sanitizing spray has a compact design that fits in everywhere easily and comes in 100ml size.

EASY TO USE: Design compactness ensures that the spray is seamless & easy to use at the home, office, or on the go.

PH-BALANCED: Hand Sanitizer Sprays are Suitable for any skin types, is gentle on the skin and keeps your skin moisturized.