Baby Laundry Detergent 2 Liter

Cool and Cool Baby Fabric Detergent is especially formulated keeping your baby’s delicate skin in mind. Its anti bacterial formula helps clean away the messes left behind by your baby and leaves the clothes feeling soft and fresh. Free from dyes and bleach, it helps you experience a worry-free laundry experience and makes it a perfect choice for your baby garments. Infused with a mild and pleasing fragrance, it keeps your baby clothes fresh and smelling great.


Free From dyes and bleach: Cool and Cool baby detergent is especially formulated for babies and is free from any kind of harsh chemical’s like Bleach and dyes etc.
Effective Stain Removal: Cool and Cool baby laundry detergent helps effectively clean even the toughest stains found on baby clothes.
Gentle on Baby Skin: It is formulated with mild ingredients that help clean laundry perfectly without irritating baby’s delicate skin.
Anti Bacterial Formula: Its anti bacterial formula helps kill germs and keeps clothes clean.
Mild Fragrance: Infused with soothing fragrance that keeps baby clothes feeling fresh and fragrant.