Mother & Baby Care Blog

Becoming a mom is the most wonderful experience of every woman but we cannot deny the fact that it adds huge responsibilities to a women’s life. Taking care of a baby is no doubt a tough job. We understand that baby’s skin is delicate and therefore needs extra special care. Cool & Cool Baby Milk Lotion’s non greasy formula soothes and nourishes babies skin leaving it soft and supple. Cool & Cool understands the fact that baby’s skin is amazingly soft and therefore takes extra care of it. Bathing your new born Baby seems to be a tough and difficult job at first but once you know how to do it you love doing it. It is the time for more bonding with your baby playing with bubbles, splashing water, singing rhymes etc. Make sure your Baby enjoys it. Cool & Cool Baby shampoo protects your baby’s silky and heathy hair so that you and your baby can have the most amazing bath time. Routine massage before bath time is very important for a baby. Research has shown that massage can relax babies, improve their sleep patterns, and calm them when they are irritable. Infant massage should last around 15 minutes. Massaging your baby’s skin with oil or lotion can be very soothing and relaxing for your little one. Cool & Cool Baby Oil is perfect for nourishing cleansing and massaging Baby’s sensitive skin. Cool & Cool products are the most gentle for your baby’s delicate skin. Make sure that your baby is enjoying the massage. And be sure to use a moisturizing cream or lotion to help with the massage.

The next step to take care for your baby is to know how to change nappy. Changing nappy’s is the most important skill which a mother should master the right way. Make sure you have all the supplies available within your reach when changing nappy. You may need a clean nappy, Baby Wipes, Baby Rash Cream and plastic bag to dispose of the nappy. Cool & Cool Baby Wipe’s Ultra Soft texture and mild fragrance reduces redness and rashes and lets your baby sleep peacefully. We completely understand that a good night’s sleep for your baby, means a good night’s sleep for you. Therefore, Cool & Cool Nappy Rash Cream protects from soreness and irritation caused in the nappy region.

Keeping your baby's skin clean is essential to good health, and cleansing your baby is also a wonderful bonding experience. From the playground to potty training it would definitely be a great experience to take care of your baby. So make sure you do it right.