Kids Hygiene Blog

Millions of kids die within the age of 5 years in Pakistan. The main reason behind this is the unhygienic lifestyle of children. To counter this issue, Cool and Cool has a special category for kids named Dr. Cool. This area focuses on the hygiene of kids only.

Personal hygiene is important in every stage of life, but good cleanliness habits start in childhood. Kids who learn what it is and how to follow proper hygiene practices will usually carry that into adulthood. Hygiene education starts with the family, and eventually youngsters can learn what to do and follow cleanliness rules on their own.

Bad personal hygiene can harm a child's health in several ways. Unclean kids are more prone to illness, either from the dirt itself or from exposure to cold and flu germs and other illnesses carried by others. This is why, it is the parent duty to keep their little one healthy, hygienic and safe.

Personal hygiene for kids is generally defined as cleanliness of the body and proper maintenance of personal appearance. There are several basic types of hygiene for kids. Most important is cleanliness of the body, which alleviates dirt and odor. A child should be taught to bathe or shower every day and to wash her hands frequently. Dr. Lynn Smitherman, a pediatrics professor at Wayne State University, cites hand washing as one of the most important cleanliness habits children can learn. At the very least, a kid should learn to wash her hands before meals and after using the restroom. For this, Cool and Cool’s category of Dr. Cool provides Cool & Cool Hand Soap which instantly kills 99.9% germs, is anti-bacterial and is non sticky. Furthermore, cleanliness area also includes the hair, which must be shampooed regularly and for that the Cool and Cool’s kids shampoo has got the edge over other kid’s shampoos as it contains natural ingredients of Calendula such as wheat protein, panthenol and green tea. The natural ingredients formula makes sure that the shampoo for kids are tears free and provides the best bathing experience for your little one. Not only this, but the different variants of the shampoo are inspired by Disneyland characters.

Keep your kid healthy, hygienic and safe at all times!