“Grooming regimen every guy needs”

“Grooming regimen every guy needs”


Be it any corporate event or a personal meetup, what matters most is how fit to be seen one is. It’s in the outlook that gives significance to your persona. Don’t you aspire to create a lasting first impression by evading all loopholes that could sweep your chances off the table? Well, its time you get the balls in your court and regulate what and how things come about.

Beginning your day with a max fresh face wash can recharge you to another level with cooling agents that remain on the go for as long as 12 hours and is perfected for all skin types paired up with a max fresh scrub that opens up all blocked pores, dispels black and white heads while nourishing your skin instantaneously.

But don’t you wonder how to soften and condition your skin after shave? Embraced by an aromatic feel that would swoon her off her feet with an irresistible urge to be with you. After shave anti-septic wipes soften your thorn-like beard hair and cleanse hair follicles to avoid infection.

And what if something still doesn’t feel right? Try our styling gel with varying hold capabilities from extra to ultra strong, extra strong having a tight grip on the precise shaping of your hair for both straight and wavy of manifold lengths while ultra strong goes finest for curly hair having an even close-fitting grip while a casual look stands strong with our wet look hair gel by setting up a trendy hair-do to let your hair go with flow meanwhile locking the moisture and making it stay tangle free.

Styling wax and styling cream are a few other alternatives, both having extra hold capabilities that give a soft and lustrous texture with a sleeker look meanwhile taming the frizz.

Men, often times are stocked with tons of bottles and jars, all promising one attribute or another but none stands as a complete package. Why not go for something cheaper covering all that you need?

Go for Cool & Cool Men’s range to secure ultimate containers of your hair and face essentials.

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