Let your kid Kick off summer in style, with Dr. Cool

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Let your kid Kick off summer in style, with Dr. Cool

Let your kid Kick off summer with Dr. Cool

Hola, Mommy’s and Daddy’s…………!!!

Hmm summer is already here and so your worries, how to insulate your little one’s from heat and bacteria spread. Summer in UAE is synonyms of encroaching heat and sweating which could be the cause of weak immunity. Henceforth, kids would be more prone to dehydration, contagious infection and more.

But hey, don’t worry….. Cool down …… Cool & Cool is here to vanish all your worries!!!

Dr. Cool, “Kids Hygiene Hero” is keeping busy these days in order to spread the awareness about hygiene in Fun City, which is a fairy land for your tiny tots, all across UAE. Dr. Cool emphasize on following things to keep the little one healthy in summer:

  1. Persuade your little one to wash their hands before food.
  2. Bathing your toddler every day.
  3. Ask your youngster to use hand sanitizer to stop the bacteria spread.
  4. Keeping them hydrated all day.

And they are ready to beat the heat  !!!

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